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Do you want to reduce your risk of an air conditioner breakdown, lower your energy bills, and ensure a long lifespan for your system? For homeowners in south Louisiana, the key to achieving this is proper heating and air conditioning maintenance from Landry’s Air Source 1.

At Landry’s Air Source 1, our goal is to ensure that your air conditioning system works exactly as it was designed to for as long as possible. Our skilled HVAC technicians have your best interests in mind and will come to your home to provide reliable AC maintenance services that will keep your system running at optimal levels as long as possible.

Is it time to schedule your bi-annual air conditioning maintenance? We service all brands. Contact Landry’s Air Source 1 online today to reserve your appointment before the winter and summer arrives!

Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance

At your maintenance appointment, our technicians will inspect the indoor and outdoor units, the filter(s), refrigerant pressures along with electrical and mechanical components for proper operation.  We will inspect, clean drain components and wash condenser coils as recommended by manufacturers.  If we see any signs of pending repairs, we’ll provide suggestions for minimizing the risk of a breakdown as well as for keeping your unit working as efficiently as possible. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your system is ready for the demands of a Louisiana summer!

Give yourself the peace of mind that comes from proper maintenance by calling Landry’s Air Source 1 at (337) 984-6541.

The Importance of Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance

Your air conditioning system is made up of many moving parts, and over time those parts can lose their lubrication or wear out. In addition, the daily use of your air conditioner or heater causes many parts to become dirty, which limits efficiency and airflow. When you schedule your maintenance with Landry’s Air Source 1, our technicians will inspect all of the components, clean them, and lubricate them, so you minimize the effect of wear and tear on your system. This helps optimize its functioning and increase its lifespan. Maintenance appointments also clue you in about potential repairs that can prevent a costly and untimely breakdown.

At Landry’s Air Source 1, our team believes in the importance of air conditioning maintenance, and we want to ensure that you don’t forget to schedule your appointment. That’s why we offer our Maintenance Agreement. With this program, you get 10% off filters or any service department parts throughout the year and our regular labor rate for service calls after hours, weekends and holidays. Contact Landry’s Air Source 1 today to learn more about our Maintenance Program and its benefits.

How often should my equipment be serviced

Heating and Air Conditioning equipment, no matter what kind you have, should be inspected, cleaned, and serviced at least once a year. The best scenario is to have the heating system checked in the Fall and the air conditioning checked in the Spring. The manufacturer also recommends your initial maintenance be six months after installation.

Benefits of Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance

Investing in air conditioning maintenance is a wise choice. With proper attention to maintenance, you will enjoy a number of benefits, including:

  • Reduced energy bills
  • Increased efficiency
  • Less risk of AC breakdown
  • Improved overall performance
  • Improved indoor air quality

If you’re ready to enjoy these benefits, give the team at Landry’s Air Source 1 a call at (337) 984-6541 to schedule your air conditioning maintenance appointment today!

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