Accurate Load Calculations are Crucial for AC Installations

Living in a place like Lafayette, LA, you can’t afford to take chances or cut corners with new AC installations. To achieve the comfort, performance, and value you deserve, make sure you’re working with a contractor that emphasizes accurate, detailed load calculations.

What Are HVAC Load Calculations?

How much cooling capacity does your home need to remain comfortable? It sounds like a simple question, but the answer can have huge implications for your HVAC system. Many installers simply use quick rules of thumb to produce rough estimates, often resulting in oversized AC units. Conversely, the best contractors eliminate guesswork by performing Manual J load calculations designed to analyze your home’s unique thermal properties. This includes insulation, size, and placement of windows, building orientation, number of occupants, heat-producing appliances, and many other key variables.

Right-Sized AC Installations Deliver Superior Value

This all sounds suitably impressive, but does precise sizing really matter? Well, yes! Independent studies have found that inaccurate sizing and other AC installation issues increase energy consumption by about 30% on average. Meanwhile, correctly sized air conditioners are custom-built to provide exactly the right amount of cooling with minimal waste. This ensures you always get the performance and value you paid for when buying new equipment.

Efficient Performance Equals Enhanced Reliability

In addition to keeping your utility bills low, properly sizing your air conditioner can spare you a lot of trouble. Since your system doesn’t need to work as hard, it’s likely to experience less wear and tear. That means fewer emergency AC repairs, more consistent comfort, and ultimately a longer service life. You also won’t need to worry about oversized AC equipment cooling your home too quickly and producing rapid, uncomfortable temperature fluctuations.

If you’re looking for a new HVAC system in Lafayette, LA, don’t just settle for “good enough.” Call Air Source One Cooling & Heating, Inc. for top-rated Trane equipment and meticulous AC installations sized to suit your needs.

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